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Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to LIFE

LIFE defines the four areas of business that BenQ operates within today. These include: lifestyle, business, healthcare, and education.

The four letters of the word LIFE represent our involvement in these four areas:

Living Better

People are living better with BenQ digital lifestyle devices.
BenQ Corp

A leader in digital lifestyle devices.

Incresing Efficiency

Businesses are increasing efficiency with the help of BenQ professional electronics, software and energy management solutions.
BenQ Corp

A leader in business and professional products and solutions.

BenQ Guru Corp

Experts in enterprise solutions and information technology services.

BenQ ESCO Corp

Advanced energy-management solutions for businesses.

Feeling Healthier

People of all ages are feeling healthier thanks to BenQ medical services, medical equipment, and healthcare products.
BenQ Medical center

Patient-focused healthcare and advanced medical research.

BenQ Medical Technology Corp

A leading supplier of medical equipment and disposables.

BenQ Materials Corp

Excellence in a wide range of medical and skin care products.

Enhancing Leaning

Educators and administrators are enhancing learning with the help of BenQ projection systems.
BenQ Corp

A leader in digital learning devices and solutions.