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BenQ BL3201PT Monitor for Designers


A Championed Ally at Your Service in Every Project. Bring it on.

Say goodbye to the days of poor resolution, color inaccuracy and restrictive viewing. Every BenQ Designer Monitor is constructed with ultra-high resolution and 100% sRGB, along with CAD/CAM and Animation Mode to help breathe life into your inspiration.

See the Story to Make Inspirations Come Alive

The Highest Resolution and Professionally Rendered Colors, So You Can See It All

BenQ displays are tailor-made to help professional designers bring inspiration to life.


4K UHD Monitor

Ultra HD has 4 times greater resolution than Full HD. In fact, UHD displays graphics, video and photos at the highest resolution that the human eye can see. This higher resolution boosts productivity and grants a generous working space for you to get the most out of your applications.

10-bit, 100% sRGB and Rec.709 Optimal Color Precision
Select models in the BL Series cover sRGB and Rec. 709 color space to ensure that every color – more than 1 billion colors in all - is faithfully represented with optimal precision.
Wide Viewing Angle with IPS Technology
With IPS (In-Plane Switching) Technology, you see accurate color and image reproduction from any angle. An expansive 178° viewing angle is great for work and for reviewing on-screen with multiple people in the room.


Tailor-Made for the Finest Details

The world’s first display designed specifically for designers



BenQ Designer Monitors offer a variety of display solutions that maximize display performance, including the CAD/CAM Mode to bring out even the finest details for Pro/E, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, CATIA and other CAD/CAM software solutions.


Revolutionary CAD/CAM Mode offers superior contrast on 3D color lines to keep each distinct from the rest. For clearly distinguished details in complicated object wireframes, alter monitor color and contrast settings by switching on CAD/CAM mode to view highly detailed graphic information and never miss a line again. Learn more about “How to set up CAD/CAM mode"


SOLIDWORKS Certification

Being a SOLIDWORKS Solution partner translates to certified professional display standards for CAD/CAM software users.



Control and perfect every movement with our innovative Animation Mode. Let your inspiration flow and bring animations to life with vibrant display features.


Animation Mode

Animation Mode enhances details in dark shadows so you can fine-tune creations effortlessly, while areas that do not require this function remain unaltered. Learn more about “How to set up Animation mode"

10-Level Animation Mode Adjustment

Adjustable animation mode offers 10 levels of display brightness for a clear working plane in any ambient light environment.



Video editors have more control than ever with the ability to utilize the standard color gamut and extended working area of BenQ Designer Monitors.


Multitask Efficiently with a Clear View of Editing Tools

A large working plane and precision UHD image quality make it easier to work in multiple windows or on multiple programs at one time.

Optimal Color Precision with Rec. 709 Color Space

Select BL Series monitors are designed after the Rec. 709 color space – the industry standard for HDTV – to ensure that every color is faithfully represented with optimal precision.


Graphic Arts

Extremely high resolution, consistently high color accuracy and an extensive range of options for high-speed connectivity constitutes an extraordinary monitor worthy of professionals in the graphic arts industry. Graphic designers are bound to find creative advantages in these extremely crisp displays.

UHD Resolution & Ultra-Refined Color

Featuring UHD resolution, ultra-refined 10-bit display, advanced IPS technology and 100% sRGB color rendering, there’s no question that the color performance of BenQ Designer Monitors will exceed your expectations for richness, contrast and visual dynamics.


Multifunctional Display for Extra Efficiency

Flexible functions to accommodate all of your design needs

Desktop Partition

With BenQ Display Pilot, software can be displayed to desired proportions to enable better multitasking. (*Display Pilot Software and Windows OS required)


Dual Aspect Ratio

Dual Aspect Ratio allows you to set up your preferred format. Work on two virtual 19” displays by dividing the 32” BL Series monitor screen into two 4:3 or 5:4 viewing areas – use Display Mode to further resize them from 19”S to 30”W in size .

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) & Picture-by-Picture (PBP)

Talk about multitasking and efficiency: PIP / PBP functions enable you to work with multiple projects and they can simultaneously display projects from two different computers for increased productivity.


Work Efficiently with Simple, Intuitive Design

User-friendly adjustment features engineered to make designing easier

OSD Controller

Switch between CAD/CAM, Animation and Low Blue Light Modes with a simple click of a button with the OSD Controller. You can also use the remote to adjust brightness and access OSD settings. Learn more about “How to use OSD controller"


Height Adjustment

Ergonomics can play a huge role in productivity. Set your monitor at the right height to stay comfortable and keep working.



BenQ smart detection screen orientation auto-pivots the display horizontally and vertically to maximize screen use according to your documents and images.


Work Efficiently with Simple, Intuitive Design

User-friendly adjustment features engineered to make designing easier



Stable feedback technology prevents the harmful effects of flickering from tiring or damaging the eyes. Hours of working in front of your monitor can now be achieved without feeling fatigued or sore in the eyes.

Eye Protect Sensor

Specially-designed Automatic Eye-Protect Sensor Technology detects ambient light and adjusts monitor brightness automatically throughout the day for maximum eye comfort.

BenQ feature

Win 10 Compatible

The BL3201PT has passed Windows 10 certification and is fully compatible with Windows 10 color systems. Plug in the BL3201PT monitor to your computer, and Windows 10 will recognize it instantly, making setup and connection effortless.

Low Blue Light

Every monitor produces a shade of blue light that can cause eye strain, eye damage, headaches and sleeping disorders. Thankfully, unique BenQ Low Blue Light Technology is designed to filter out harmful blue light, effectively diminishing eye fatigue and irritation.